Welcome to We are a fork of Tomb.Finance on the Binance Smart Chain with a 1000:1 peg to BNB.


This project is inspired by Tomb runs on the Fantom blockchain and is pegged 1:1 to the price of FTM. Tomb Finance has been a great success and our team realized the need for an algorithmic stable coin pegged to BNB on the Binance Smart Chain.

Why Dibs?

Our seasoned team is behind some of the earliest cryptocurrency and blockchain success stories dating back 5 years. We're now focused on building a next-generation DeFi ecosystem to bring high APRs (with low fees) to the BSC ecosystem.
We love working together, and we each bring an assortment of skills to the table that allow us to make great products.

Thanks to Tomb.Finance

Before we go further, we must give thanks to the groundbreaking work done by and their fully open source project. Because of their work, we've been able to create something exceptional. Much gratitude to the TOMB team. #tombislife
Multisignature wallets: All team & dao funds are held in multisignature wallets for enhanced safety.
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