This is the initial draft roadmap - it will be expanded upon around the launch
  • Continuously add more partnerships to bring use cases & utility to the DIBS token
  • Autocompounding vaults
  • Analytics Page
  • Complete website re-work to make our core features much easier to understand and allow simpler participation
  • Active diversified investment strategy for the DAO treasury.
  • OHM-Like bonding mechanism that allows our treasury to acquire BNB and dibs-BNB LP. This will allow us to build a healthy amount of BNB in the treasury in the case of a bank run on the DIBS protocol. It will also allow us to increase the percentage of protocol owned liquidity (POL).
  • POL as a service for BSC projects
  • PFP NFTs
  • NFTs with utility
  • DIBS as a currency on Enter NFT platforms
  • Our own Yield Aggregator and possibly a decentralised exchange
  • DIBS Lend, Lending and Borrowing platform on BNB. Again, feeding value into the treasury.
  • DIBS Launchpad for new BSC projects
  • Shift to a community governed project, where all contracts will be owned by a DAO. Project decisions will be decided upon by protocol participants
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